Saturday, March 21, 2009

Social Responsibility

Reflecting on Social Responsibility, I must say, is an American concept. Give me a minute and I will explain..
These are some usual reactions we get when Cristian and I talk about being socially responsible.
1. have never heard the concept other than from American corporations
2. Community service.. what?? community what?
3. I cannot fix anything.. only Bill Gates is able to fix things because he has money
4. you think you can make a difference?

I keep thinking that being green and being socially responsible are new terms for capitalism. Probably the terms were branded by fortune 500 companies that wanted to strengthen their business and look more attractive to stakeholders and reach a goal: profit.

I joined a sewing club, where we make pillow cases, quilts and pijamas for less fortunate kids. We are a group of 4 woman; all have names that start with a K. and Eric, that is the group organizer. We meet on Saturdays and sew for two hours and eat cookies. I joined this group because I had free time and I can sew.. so I am giving back to people.. you would think.

After the meeting today I feel selfish because I took more that what I gave

1. I learned how to make pillow cases.. I will not never, ever, ever buy pillow cases again...they are soo easy to make
2. Started a quilt
3. Gave little kids super cute pillow cases that they loved

At the end it was a very productive and fun day

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