Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not all heroes wear capes!

I absolutely love the apple store.. I mean come on... my FAVORITE! Have you heard of the apple lifestyle? I googled and I found this..

"I think we're supposed to drive VWs, buy furniture from Ikea, wear jeans and black polo necks and be creative".

"An Apple lifestyle is all about how your Mac enhances your life. The rest of those questions are pointless."

"No formula. Get a life!"

Yesterday I had my computer on my lap, I turned it off because it seemed that the computer was overheating. I left it alone for a while and when I came back.. excuse me, but the battery blew up.. it was twice it size.. yes.. TWICE..
The computer could not be place on the table because it was completely uneven. I called the apple store and told them I had a 911 situation..I rushed to the store and they were able to fix it by replacing the battery.

Ahhhhhh soo nice to feel that your computer survived and your wallet too. I told the guy at the apple store "thank you, you are my hero" noticing that his shirt said "not all heroes were capes"
So for all apple users out there that read my blog be careful with your battery. Apparently your computer can't breath when you have it on your skin, on pillows or on beds so PLEASE just place them on flat surfaces.

Apple lifestyle??? BS.. it is just a freaking computer but I don't think all of you Dell, HP and other brand computers users can just walk and ask a hero in your same zip code to fix your computer in less than 20 minutes and go on with your life.

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