Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brown Pride Weekend

I have been avoiding blogging because as much as I want to give you good news about Nike, I don't have any news yet. I failed to blog the first week because I thought I would have better news the following week but that was not the case. So I am just going to tell you that the interview went well and in three weeks they will let me know (I got used to those responses from Cristian's job search).

So now lets talk about our lives in Amsterdam. The past two weeks in pictures:
Cristian and I celebrated our First Anniversary in a Mexican Restaurant.

The food was not very authentic as we can see the guacamole was black and they served us fagitas with potatoes and salad and not beans and salsa.. are u serious?Oxana our roomate turned 24 and she cooked sushi for us.
She loves Jane Austin so as a present we gave her the Jane Austin collection
Dima got a broken window and it took about 3 threat emails and 2 weeks for the landlord to come and fix it
Sandra (Godmother, Cristian's mom's best friend from Chile, high roller and good friend) came to visit us in Amsterdam.
She took us to this amazing Spanish restaurant owned by Cubans for tapas called Pata Negra. Last time we had Jamon Serrano was in 2003, we (as in I Kika) got so sick of eating so much that I was not able to eat Jamon Serrano until last week. We had Pata Negra which is the best of the best of Jamon Serrano. It is the Manolo Blanik of shoes.

Cisco employees were asked not to flock (stay with their own kind) and to be open to hang out with different people. As we can see in the following pictures the latinos took that statement and expanded to Spanish Speakers only. We had our first "Latino Flocking" this weekend. (Cristian called it 'brown pride weekend' but they didn't get it. jaja)

These are all the girls starting from left to right: Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil. Argentina, Italia/Spain, Mexico and Mexico. Left to right: Argentina, Colombia, Chile/USA, Mexico, Costa Rica. The picture does no justice.. let's try this one... lol
Some other pictures

So we finished our Latino Flocking succesfully but I am not sure about these kids..
To finish I will post a video if me dancing because it is funny..Gaby is signing in the back

That it all folks. Love Kika