Friday, February 27, 2009


When cooking with dough Lina always says is super easy, and for her truly it is. She is able to handle the pastry, pizza and pasta dough and finish withing minutes. For my dad and I is the opposite. Everytime I mean everytime we are trying to use dough to cook we finished with a ball of dough that is impossible to handle. No difference last night with the pizza dough. On the menu:

Pizza with peperoni, mozzarella, asiago, fontina cheese, sparkle chicken basil sausage (taken out of the case and grilled) and basil.

cheers, nazdarovia and prost at the end with Passito, wine from Italy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back in America!

I am super happy to be home. The weather is absolutely beautiful and I love being with my family.

Plans for the upcoming weeks: Paint, Sew and cook. Last night we did some amazing empanadas.. yummy.

I am working on a dress that I am going to wear for an upcoming wedding. My mom wore this dress when she was 16- Mom's picture
The dress is in pretty good shape but the zipper is broken and it is tight so I am replacing the zipper and loosening the back.

I am also painting again. I want to make a painting for the new nursery we have for Daniel. This is the crib

I have never painted with pastels so I am having a hard translating my inspiration into the canvas. I started fixing an old painting that I left behind a couple of years ago to get familiar again with techniques and oil treatment.

My work station is in the garden
Last project a Christmas stocking.
This is how the end product will look

I also joined a volunteering group that sews for needy children. We are in early stages but we sew pillows, fabric bags and make quilts.

As I am writing in the blog we are cooking Pot roast- The same recipe that I tried to cook Christmas day but failed.. so we are trying again..I will post pictures.