Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All you need is love!!!

Less than 24hrs for the clocks on the right to be the same time!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Breathed upon"

After a mellow dinner with my parents I ended up with a bruised knee by hitting myself with the corner of a chair. I woke up literally at 3:47am this morning.. bright awake... I couldn't rest my knee on the bed. So I started my research earlier than often... I found a couple of awesome ideas for projects.. but at one point I started to think: what is the difference between being inspired by someone and copying someone else's idea?.... led to more research and I found that inspiration is: " a unconscious burst of creativity in an artistic, musical or other intellectual endeavor" it literally means "breathed upon". Super excited about one of the projects because it follows Bruce Mao's statement

1. Process is more important than outcome - we will start seeing result of this project probably in a couple of months which leads me to the second one
2. Begin anywhere.. follow my new project on Picassa


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

6._________ go blank.

I woke up with a blank mind..tried a couple of things that usually work: Style.com, iTunes, Coffee but nothing. By doing some research and try to find some inspiration VOILA.. Bruce Mau and his "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth".. pump my day up

The Bill of Rights and the 1o Commandments are legal and moral rights that people are entitled to follow as rights or as believes. An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth are beliefs, strategies and motivations that Bruce Mao created as a philosophy for his company.

It was the perfect motivation I needed today to switch my mind from blank to creative stage. Some of the statements that I choose for today are:
1. Allow events to change you
2. Process is more important than outcome
3. Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child.)
4. Good deep
5. Begin anywhere
6._________ go blank
7. Make new words
8. Listen carefully
9. Coffee breaks, car rides, green rooms
10. Laugh
11. Remember

Cristian always tells me it is not important, grand and awesome until it is shared with loved ones so here from me to you.. .An incomplete manifesto for growth

Monday, March 23, 2009

Anyone else but you!

I asked Cristian the advantages and disadvantages of soccer.. he responded

*global sport
*good for boys and girls
*young and old
*easy to play
*most popular

*misconception in USA---some say it is not cool, not as good as baseball, football, basketball
*"soccer players"have a bad reputation in some places....
*boring for many sports fans
*hard to implement commercials on Televised games

Excuse me ... you forgot to mention... The most common injuries associated with soccer are contusions (bumps and bruises)...this little disadvantage..mmmmm hmmm.
At least he stopped playing Rugby
1987 vs. 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Picture of the day

How often do you wear your game face??

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not all heroes wear capes!

I absolutely love the apple store.. I mean come on... my FAVORITE! Have you heard of the apple lifestyle? I googled and I found this..

"I think we're supposed to drive VWs, buy furniture from Ikea, wear jeans and black polo necks and be creative".

"An Apple lifestyle is all about how your Mac enhances your life. The rest of those questions are pointless."

"No formula. Get a life!"

Yesterday I had my computer on my lap, I turned it off because it seemed that the computer was overheating. I left it alone for a while and when I came back.. excuse me, but the battery blew up.. it was twice it size.. yes.. TWICE..
The computer could not be place on the table because it was completely uneven. I called the apple store and told them I had a 911 situation..I rushed to the store and they were able to fix it by replacing the battery.

Ahhhhhh soo nice to feel that your computer survived and your wallet too. I told the guy at the apple store "thank you, you are my hero" noticing that his shirt said "not all heroes were capes"
So for all apple users out there that read my blog be careful with your battery. Apparently your computer can't breath when you have it on your skin, on pillows or on beds so PLEASE just place them on flat surfaces.

Apple lifestyle??? BS.. it is just a freaking computer but I don't think all of you Dell, HP and other brand computers users can just walk and ask a hero in your same zip code to fix your computer in less than 20 minutes and go on with your life.

Social Responsibility

Reflecting on Social Responsibility, I must say, is an American concept. Give me a minute and I will explain..
These are some usual reactions we get when Cristian and I talk about being socially responsible.
1. have never heard the concept other than from American corporations
2. Community service.. what?? community what?
3. I cannot fix anything.. only Bill Gates is able to fix things because he has money
4. you think you can make a difference?

I keep thinking that being green and being socially responsible are new terms for capitalism. Probably the terms were branded by fortune 500 companies that wanted to strengthen their business and look more attractive to stakeholders and reach a goal: profit.

I joined a sewing club, where we make pillow cases, quilts and pijamas for less fortunate kids. We are a group of 4 woman; all have names that start with a K. and Eric, that is the group organizer. We meet on Saturdays and sew for two hours and eat cookies. I joined this group because I had free time and I can sew.. so I am giving back to people.. you would think.

After the meeting today I feel selfish because I took more that what I gave

1. I learned how to make pillow cases.. I will not never, ever, ever buy pillow cases again...they are soo easy to make
2. Started a quilt
3. Gave little kids super cute pillow cases that they loved

At the end it was a very productive and fun day