Thursday, November 27, 2008

"When good Americans die they go to Paris.”

Quote by Oscar Wilde.

After spending a week an a half with grandma in Amsterdam while Cristian was in Chile..Grandma was begging me to take her to Paris. For some reason I was sure I didn't want to go.. I just felt it was not the right time for Paris.. Yes, call me crazy but I feel there is right moment for every city and right now in my life, Paris was not on the list. Grandma begged and begged for me to take her. So finally I said yes. When I was looking for tickets, hotels, etc.. I realized Cristian took my passport to Chile. Who does that?? I felt that time was agreeing with me.. It is not time for Paris. My grandma was very upset and Cristian ended up mailing my passport for us to go.

I was going to Paris... So highlights of the trip

1. Food was absolutely awesome.. I used this book "Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris" one of Lina's frequent blogs to look for unique food.

2. Nike Paris. the store was AWESOME it has one of the four Nike ID labs in the world.. Most of the collection at the store was sportswear and just a few athletic wear for futbol and other sports. The ROSA soccer shoes were on display and they were powerful. Their walls were full of Nike ID designs from other people which was so inspiring.. it was a museum of clothes.

3. Patrick Demarchelier's photography exposition, Fashion photographer.. here are some of the famous pictures.

4. and the top attractions of Paris for every tourist..

At the end it was a wonderful trip with grandma even though we got robbed, fell on the metro, got lost, got into fights.. but at the end "in Paris you learn Wit", - Virgil Thomson

“The stomach carries the heart"

Yesterday I cooked Pumpking soup.. that is right it is pumpKING because it turned out to be very tasty. After doing some research on the food network I wasn't convinced by any of the recipes. I decided to saute bacon, onions, garlic and some roasted bell peppers. Then add the chicken stock with some cilantro leaves. While that was cooking I roasted the pumpking and sprinkled some ginger over and drizzle EVOO. After the pumpking was roasted, I added it to the soup and let is simmer for a 1/2 hour.. then served it with some cheese and VOILA.

Here are some pictures...

He looks Happy!