Tuesday, March 24, 2009

6._________ go blank.

I woke up with a blank mind..tried a couple of things that usually work: Style.com, iTunes, Coffee but nothing. By doing some research and try to find some inspiration VOILA.. Bruce Mau and his "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth".. pump my day up

The Bill of Rights and the 1o Commandments are legal and moral rights that people are entitled to follow as rights or as believes. An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth are beliefs, strategies and motivations that Bruce Mao created as a philosophy for his company.

It was the perfect motivation I needed today to switch my mind from blank to creative stage. Some of the statements that I choose for today are:
1. Allow events to change you
2. Process is more important than outcome
3. Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child.)
4. Good deep
5. Begin anywhere
6._________ go blank
7. Make new words
8. Listen carefully
9. Coffee breaks, car rides, green rooms
10. Laugh
11. Remember

Cristian always tells me it is not important, grand and awesome until it is shared with loved ones so here from me to you.. .An incomplete manifesto for growth

1 comment:

aruna said...

1. I love your project idea--brillant!
2. Now you know how it feels to be me! Bumps and bruises are not all fun and games:)
Miss you!xo